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Despite his arrogance, Darkseid is very pragmatic and never underestimates his opponents. · Darkseid. His primary weapon of choice is the Omega Beam, which can kill, torture, or teleport anything or anyone it comes into contact with. Eons ago when the Old Gods fell in complacency and became cruel, a man who would be known as Darkseid took advantage of the gods and struck them at their weakest, killing them and causing the Godwave which imbued others including Darkseid with the Old Gods&39; powers. Lex Luthor Magneto vs. · Deadshot vs Bullseye Killer Croc vs Lizard Doomsday vs Apocalypse Silver Surfer vs Green Lantern Captain Marvel (dc) vs Captain Marvel (marvel) Batman vs Captain America Mad thinker vs Riddler Silver Samurai vs Ra’s al Ghul Hercules vs Orion Lobo vs Colossus Galactus vs the Anti-Monitor Thanos vs Darkseid.

When Darkseid discover the planet Krypton and its people&39;s drive for knowledge, he saw them as the potential tools to locating the Anti-Life Equation. Green Lantern VS Thanos; Thanos. Nightwing Dr. If you need to do some research then do it. Darkseid is similar though his power is scaled to that of multiple universes rather than just one planet. · who would win superman vs hulk vs darkseid vs dooms day vs juggernaut? When they did fight, in &39;Marvel vs DC/ DC vs Marvel&39;, the outcome of their battle was not revealed, and they were both still standing at the end of the story.

I don&39;t think the Hulk could get angrier enough and have the strength to defeat Doomsday. Not even close, unless you get a LOT of Lanterns to team up. 06; Points/Week 377. · Superheroes Captain America vs. To achieve darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance this end, he seeks the cosmic power of the Anti-Life Equation. Wonder Woman Iron Man vs. Rank: Actual: Player&39;s ranking based on stat filter selected.

Wiki Points. Thor Girl vs Wonder Woman Aquaman vs Sub-Mariner Robin vs Spiderman Hulk Vs Martian. He stomps this fight. Darkseid then says "Darkseid knows no fear, lout. He is also an accomplished telepath and brainwasher, which he often uses to intimidate his subordinates, aside from his already insidio. Well all of those above are about which one is the most powerful.

Hope you guys enjoy! Martian Manhunter vs Sentry= Martian Manhunter. He is utterly ruthless and cruel, and takes every opportunity to oppress and enslave those under his control, psychically feeding on their misery and despair. While Darkseid tends to have his minions do the fighting for him or simply incinerate his foe with Omega Beams, he will get his hands dirty when he needs to, showing exceptional skill. &039; The major. " - After winning a round "Neither man nor.

As mentioned above, Darkseid is a being of pure, unadulterated malice, and can even be called the God of Evil. · SECTION 6 FANTASY FIGHT-(Doomsday Vs Darkseid Vs Apocalypse Vs Thanos). · Green Arrow VS Hawkeye; could go either way depending on how fight started.

Darkseid&39;s durability is immense enough to last a while against an enraged Hulk and Apocalypse&39;s enormous strength, but his telepathy feats are nowhere near the likes of someone overpowering Charles Xavier AND Jean Gray simultaneously. The only versions that could last a second would be Ultimate AND/OR X-men Evolution Apocalpyse and sadly enough that. 2 In Battle 1. Forum Posts. Also, assuming Batman could even get Kryptonite it does not guarantee a victory. 1 Match Intro Dialogue 1. His allies are much stronger than Batman&39;s (Superboy vs Robin). Vandal Savage Deadpool vs.

Darkseid turns Apocalypse into his slave, and laughs at all the mutants who struggled against him. · Let’s establish first who and what lives on both planets (minus reality warpers because that’s no fun) First, who lives on Apokolips? No new player Notes: No new player notes available.

Superman Jean Grey vs. I&39;m not including all the different types of Hulk and Superman. Darkseid rules Apokolips with an iron fist and his notoriety is widely feared and embedded in legends across the known universe. Darkseid is also very arrogant, demanding to be worshiped by his subjects as a god. However, when the Kryptonians thrived than he anticipated, Darkseid realized they are a threat to him and must be destroyed. Captain Atom vs Silver Surfer= Silver Surfer. It was published on Janu.

Darkseid Honestly I think apocalypse is way underrated. Projection data provided by Yahoo Sports. Dr Fate vs Dr Strange= Dr Fate. Superman also has help on his side. ":Determined to save his friend John Henry from Darkseid&39;s clutches, Superman now faces Darksied on an asteroid on Apokolips. " "Obey your master. Surprising him is very difficult, and even if someone manages to accomplish this rare task, Darkseid never loses his cal.

Those are top-tier telepaths, and were swatted aside in their own mental game. " "Submit. New Player Note: New player notes in the last darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance 24 hours. Strange vs. His lust for power is insatiable, and he will unhesitantly destroy anything and anyone who dares to stand in his path for universal domination.

He can even withstand Darkseid&39;s full Omega Effect. Marvel-616 or DC Comics. Doomsday VS Hulk; Hulk. 1 Appearing in "Apokolips, Now!

Darksied vs Apocalypse? See full list on thelastson. - Duration: 14:46. Darkseid VS Apocalypse; Darkseid, not even close. Steel Spiderman vs. · Zack Snyder has revealed the first glimpse at Darkseid from his Snyder Cut of Justice League, which is due to arrive on HBO Max next year. Joker Teams Avengers vs.

The Spectre vs The Living. Several of Superman&39;s enemies use Kryptonite against him on a regular basis. · Doomsday would. His mind is as dangerous as his power, if not moreso, as he is a very skilled manipulator and a master strategist. But he underrates Darkseid, an&39; forgets two thing&39;s about him: 1.

Teen Titans Fantastic Four vs. Player&39;s projected season rank. Since Superman isn&39;t here he&39;s basically Thanos but with more impressive matter manipulation feats and a large speed advantage. · Amazo vs Thanos= Amazo.

he can do stuff that the infinity gauntlet can do with out the gauntlet. · Darkseid&39;s own father is forever trapped in it, and that dude made Darkseid look like a stuffed bunny. Anti-Monitor vs Abstract Enties= Abstarct Entities. · Marvel have many powerful villain like Galactus, Mephisto, Apocalypse, Magneto, Doctor Doom and other.

Doc Cyber VS Ultron; don&39;t know. He&39;s definitely more powerful than most people think. He possesses overwhelming physical strength and is an extremely skilled combatant. And DC have Superman Prime, Darkseid, and other. Just the plain old Hulk with his power and the plain old Superman and his powers. said:. Let me know when Apocalypse can pop planets like balloons.

Thanos Vs Darkseid - Comic Clash S2E5 - Season 2 Finale! Darkseid has an infinite natural lifespan, and even though it is possible to kill him, doing so is extremely difficult, as aside from his power, he is also very durable, able darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance to shrug off most attacks effortlessly or take significant amounts of damage and keep fighting. | Yahoo Answers. 4 years darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance ago.

With the Anti-Life Equation, Darkseid can shut off every source of free will in the entirety of all realities; giving him absolute dominion over literally everything. Darkseid is much more of a darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance jobber than Thanos is but really only against Superman. He is the same being that smack Silver Age Superman, along with many other heroes, in a total of two blows. DarkSeid vs Apocalypse= Darkseid. Click to view other information. no holds barred no kryptonite, no help, no technology except fists, no friends or allies royal rumble, who would come out ontop pls ans. HULK VS SUPERMAN! For years, Apokolips and New Genesis waged a brutal war until an truce was finally agreed upon.

Darkseid is omnipotent, plain and simple. In Galactus eyes Apocalypse isn&39;t even a annoyance because he eats planets, has commands of just about any energies, and can increase his strength to any level. To comic book fans, Darkseid now goes by the name of "Jobberseid". So which one who will win?

2 Attack Wagers "A pitiful display. what you have seen in in the movie is only a. Deathstroke The Jackal vs. APOCALYPSE ; Badness Increase ; Camfish Hawks ; Darkseid ; Edward E Nigma ; LORDS OF LOCKDOWN ; Pro Stars ; Sunday Silence --hidden-- Since &39;11; 8 th Place 4-9-0; Total Points 4,910. Video Playlist. Apocalypse is darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance a matter manipulator, so is Darkseid, except Darkseid is leagues above Apocalypse. Anti Monitor vs Parralax vs Galactus= Anti Monitor. Mephisto, since Mephisto is has multiple powers including superhuman strength, shape and size shifting, projecting illusions, manipulating memories, altering time, and is highly.

Fate Thor vs. He recounts how, to avoid involving Earth, he led a group of those with Kryp Superman Versus Darkseid: Apokolips Now 1 is a one-shot with a cover date of March,. Been meaning to do this for a while lol. I AM death" an&39; Apocalypse stomps Darkseid to the ground an&39; does an evil smile. A few little things thought. Darkseid Dr. " - darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance After winning a round "Tremble at the might of Darkseid.

Batman Hulk vs. · I have to agree with the concept that given time Apocalypse yahoo would win, but with no prep time Darkseid would win, a rather interesting fight would be Darkseid Vs. Create or join a NFL league and manage your team with live scoring, stats, scouting reports, news, and expert advice.

"Apokolips, Now! Darkseid vs Apocalypse. ComicBookCast2 252,562 views. · Neither Darkseid nor Thanos fight for enjoyment, and I doubt they would see any benefit in battle. " "This bores me.

If he must wait in order to get what he wants, then he will do so with a remarkable amount of patience. Yahoo Fantasy Football. Darkseid&39;s perpetual rival is his brother Highfather, the leader of New Genesis. " "You waste my time. Given his vast power, his self-status as a deity is quite legitimate. This deadly technique has a legendary level of accuracy, being able to follow its target like a homing device, making it almost impossible to dodge. " "That was for Kalibak.

JLA Avengers Academy vs. “The population is a downtrodden lot, including many kidnapped from other worlds before being &039;broken. The Spectre VS Deadpool; The Spectre. 1 Injustice 2 1. ) Hulk would is questionable, but maestro is much stronger versoion of hulk who can regenerate even after being blown into to dust and is virtually immortal. 1 Defense Wagers 1. I love Apocalypse, but ya Darkseid stomps 99% of the versions of Apocalypse. If Thanos is league/leagues above apocalypse than Darkseid is too.

It&39;s not close. I&39;ve seen finance a lot of these on the internet and they can get very heated. He is almost unkillable and would evolve to become resistant or immune to whatever killed him before. Apocalypse has the power and influence to have once walked upon the Earth as a god. · Now this is a serious darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance debate. WonderWoman vs Storm= WW. Follow 7384. Not even close.

Warner Bros has stumped up between m (£16m) and m (£24m) to allow Snyder to complete his vision for the superhero movie, which was a critical and commercial disappointment. " - Occasionally after combos on Superman "The Anti-Life Equation will be mine. Darkseid&39;s ultimate goal is to bring the universe under his control. Click to view notes and other information. Apocalypse is pretty out of his weight class among the others, unless you compare him to some of Doomsday&39;s weaker incarnations. " 2 Synopsis for.

Follow 23518. Current writers have never done Darkseid the justice he deserved. See more results. Green Lantern Supervillians Thantos vs.

Darkseid vs apocalypse yahoo finance

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