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History independent academic networks. Summer Schools in Europe Top destination. Deadline abstract submission: Friday, summer school european politics 16th Decem The deadline has been extended until Sunday, Janu. IMPORTANT DEADLINES. This course will introduce students to British political ideologies, starting from the mainstream conservative, liberal and social democratic traditions and moving on to more radical ideas such as Marxism, different forms of nationalism and environmentalism. Regardless of.

aged below 40 years and have a solid command of English. The IES summer school is designed for undergraduate students of social sciences, humanities, and law. Migration is a key feature of today’s interdependent and globalised world. Prague, Czech Republic. · 16th Migration Summer School: Migration and Mobility in an Era of Contention Introduction. You can participate in the Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders: ‘EU as a Global Actor’ if you are 1.

EU and Its Changing post-Arab Spring Geopolitical Setting 5. More Summer School European Politics 16th images. Visas (if applicable) 5. The lectures and discussions are conducted by senior EU policymakers and diplomats, top NATO officials and leading academic experts. European Union Politics and. On 26th of June – 3rd of July the 16th European Law Summer School will take place at Vilnius University. · The 16th Migration Summer School will take place between Monday 22 June and Friday 3 July summer school european politics 16th at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy).

Hamburg, Germany. This school offers 27 summer courses. He previously worked for various management consultancies, industrial corporations and public sector institutions, including the Directorate General for Economic and. The 6th ECPR Summer School on Interest Group Politics at the University of Hamburg focuses on interest groups and their impact on public policy. In this course, the European Union is the main object of study. Inter-university Summer School on European Policy-making. European teachers, summer school european politics 16th parents, officials challenge Trump claim on their schools reopening The president said summer school european politics 16th schools in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, "along with many other countries," were.

Petersburg HSE. What is Europe like political science? The combined insights from political, economic, sociological, legal, anthropological, and practice-based approaches to the study of migration will enable participants to return home with a deeper understanding of one of the most complex and multifaceted phenomena affecting governments and. Please register your interest in the Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders as soon as possible as places are limited.

Participants are expected to arrive in Florence on Sunday 21 June and leave on Saturday 4 July. You may also send us the screenshot of the transaction to enable us to process your Letter of Enrollment faster. working as an academic, policy-maker, government official, as well as a civil society representative or a professional in the private sector; 3. Tutor: Tom Buchanan is Professor of Modern British and European History at Oxford University and a Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford. He is associated with the Department of Politics and International Relations and Oxford’s Centre for International Studies. It will discuss the history of the European Union since its inception, the policies, the institutions, the member states and their national politics in a comparative perspective. From “Big Bang” to “Brexit” 4.

Clausewitz remarked that &39;every age had its own kind of war&39;: we will pick out the threads of our present kind of war - asymmetric or fourth generation warfare - and explicit comparisons will be drawn, where appropriate, with the contemporary situation in Iraq and Syria. The Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders is centered on the theme of ‘Europe as a Global Actor’ and the program builds upon our strong links with Brussels-based institutions and organizations. The 20th century has undoubtedly been the most sanguinary in recorded human history. This course will chart the historical course of increasingly dystopian international responses to humanitarian crisis and what - as human summer school european politics 16th beings - we can do about it. He has written widely on the history of political ideas and movements, including aspects of British and Italian history and the politics of the 1930s. What is new is the way in which the world is being blocked off to the free movement of desperate peoples.

The Grotius Career Summer School is inviting law students who have finished at least three years of their degree to apply to this human rights summer school. It will offer a framework of analysis and address contemporary political, economic and societal developments including ongoing controversies surrounding such notions as ‘globalisation’ and ‘global governance’. Transatlantic Partnership in the Trump Era: Continuity and Change 7. HSE University – Saint Petersburg Summer School offers a wide range of courses corresponding to different students’ interests.

To register, please complete the online electronic APPLICATION FORM and submit your application along with the required attachments. Selected international faculty of academics and practitioners turn each summer school into a working space where concrete aspects of important social, economic, and. European Summer School. Program book and an extensive up-to-date documentation pack 6. EDUopinions has done the research and discovered the top 10 summer schools in Europe. For over seventeen years Prague Summer Schools have been bringing talented students from all over the world to the beautiful city of Prague for intensely academic week-long courses.

Through a variety of courses taught by renowned interest scholars from Europe and the US, students will learn summer school european politics 16th about the different stages of the lobbying process involving the mobilization, the. The Summer School offers a diverse programme including lectures, inter-active workshops and debates. In the context of the main ‘Europe as a Global Actor’theme, the series of lectures, debates and other activities focus specifically on the following main sub-themes: 1. It will look into Europe’s global influence and its position in the multipolar world and will discuss scenarios for the future. · Learn more about TASP and other affordable summer programs in our blog Affordable Academic Summer Programs for High School Students. The common European currency – constant crisis management? Top destination. Cancellation Policy:If the cancellation is notified befor.

From homo sovieticus to homo digitalis – successful transformation of the civil society in CEE? Bachelor, Master and PhD students as well as professionals are all welcome to. Our two-week courses cover multiple themes and are offered by all nine faculties summer school european politics 16th of the university. Case-studies covered will include the population exchanges at the end of the Ottoman Empire, Holocaust rescue efforts, and the emerging environmental refugee crisis. Topics such as the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation, the importance of oil and gas, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the growing influence of Turkey in the region will be discussed. International migration, summer school european politics 16th growing mobility, and displacement are, and will continue to be, among the most pressing issues in public debate, policy-making and politics. 7 Scholarships funded by STG on a merit basis. European Course in Neuroradiology, Diagnostic and Interventional, 15th Cycle, Module 4:Degenerative, Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases until European Course in Head & Neck Neuroradiology - 1st Cycle Module 1.

Accommodation during the program (a shared bedroom at a hostel in Brussels city center would cost as low aseuros for 5 nights) 3. The Summer School consists of two parallel four-day courses (Foundations and Advanced). What are the best summer schools in Europe? This time the topic is “Egalité en Europe : Entre Harmonisation et Diversité” „ Gleichheit in Europa : Zwischen Harmonisierung und Diversität”. The Brussels Summer School for Young Leaderswill broaden the participants’ knowledge of how the European Union decision-making functions and how it deals with different security, economic and political challenges it faces in today’s increasingly complex international system.

Czech Republic, Prague. He has taught several courses for the Oxford University Summer School for Adults. Many summer school students would tell you yes! This course will examine major recent strategic, political, and economic developments in the region and will explore the interests of key outside powers. All tuition fees and classroom support costs 2. It will be focussed on “Social Representations and Sciences”, a topic which is at the same time the genesis and the core of the theoretical and.

Introduction: Common Foreign and Security Policy – Does the EU Have Any ‘Foreign Policy’? The Edition of the International Summer Schools will be held on the 16 th - 27 th of July at the European Ph. There will also be an opportunity to reassess the role played by leading politicians such as Lloyd George, Stanley Baldwin, Ramsay MacDonald, Oswald Mosley and Winston Churchill. All courses will be taught in English. Tutor: Dr Christian Glossner has been a lecturer in Global Political Economy (GPE) for OUDCE since. Tutor: summer school european politics 16th Dr Mark Radford teaches Modern History for OUDCE.

All study trips listed in the detailed program 3. Yet the experience is not new. a student and a young researcher in various social sciences disciplines, namely International Relations, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Media and Communications; 2.

The Summer School on “European Politics: Interests versus Culture” is a one-week program for undergraduate and graduate students of various nationalities and academic backgrounds (political science, sociology, media studies, anthropology and cultural studies, behavioral sciences, gender studies). He teaches at the. Tutor: Dr Othon Anastasakis is Senior Research Fellow and Tutor in summer school european politics 16th South East European Studies at St Antony’s College, Oxford. preparation time: 8 hours in advance, 1 hour during the Summer School On the second day of the Summer School, you will give a short presentation on a particular period in the history of the European Union through the lens of some distinctive ‘strategic dilemmas’ of European cooperation and integration. It will ask whether Europe is federal or intergovernmental. Some summer school alumni even go as far as to say that the experience was transformative and is the reason they have the job they do.

You should apply especially if you have an interest in international relations and security and specifically in EU affairs and the Union’s role in the i. Learn more about TASP and other affordable summer programs in our blog Affordable Academic Summer Programs for High School Students. The program will start with an opening lecture and debate followed by a welcome reception in the evening on Sunday. This course will examine the origins, course and results of several regional and civil wars and will set them in their political, economic, religious and ideological contexts. Join us on-campus or online for either one or two sessions in July.

WHO MIGHT PARTICIPATE: The Winter School is aimed at Italian, European and International graduates (max. Through an historical approach, this course will move beyond summer school european politics 16th the examination of the dominant and classical theoretical perspectives of political economy: mercantilism, liberalism, Marxism. He is a former member of the Regular British Army and Royal Ulster Constabulary, and has recently been granted the rare appointment of Honorary Colonel in the British Army Reserves and Cadets in recognition of his long-standing involvement. Today, Rome european plays a large role in European and global politics, economics, and business. See summer school european politics 16th full list on glstudyabroad. Europe Like political science, the study of international relations deals with the connections between the governmental and non-governmental entities of the world.

The programme aims at students who wish to gain a basic knowledge of Europe and the European Union with a focus on politics, history, and human rights. Italy, Pisa. 49 Ľuda Oravca, ktorý strieľal na americké Pershingy v západnom Nemecku a ktorý v súčasnosti žije v Liptovskom Mikuláši, poznám osobne. The prospects for further democratisation will be examined given the Syrian conflict and increasing tensions between Sunni and Shi’a Islam.

Migration Summer School. Explore both the old and the new centre of European Diplomacy with this summer school. University of Pisa Summer School. Following the Arab Spring, events in the Middle East have attracted much attention.

15th ENII EFIS EJI Summer School May 9-16, Given the rapidly evolving COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, the related safety concerns as well as travel restrictions and quarantines that are increasingly being implemented, we regrettably have no choice but to cancel the ENII EFIS EJI Summer School scheduled for May 9-16,, in Porto. Příspěvků : 2 - Summer School of Political Conservatism: June 16th-19th Rastislav Mikuláš : 15. Once your preliminary acceptance is thus confirmed, you can proceed to make the payment of the tuition fee (390 EUR)– bank account details are available HERE. Free access to all lectures, workshops and other activities 4.

During recent years, the European Union has faced a series of challenges and crises – eurozone crisis, refugee influx, competition with Russia, religious fundamentalism, Brexit and rise of populism – which have been threatening its unity and coherence. European Summer School. more about this school. · European teachers, parents, officials challenge Trump claim on their schools reopening The president said schools in Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, "along with many other countries," were. Specifically, the Summer School “The European Union in World Politics: The EU and Migration Issues” is an advanced study for PhD and MA students interested in the EU as a global actor and, in. political problems are going to be tackled, contributing to the understanding of selected current issues while fostering the international dialogue.

The Summer Course will be organised together with Nova School of Law from the 17th to the 28 th of August. Finally, the course will look at recent developments and ask whether there is a future for ideology in the age of globalisation, social media, ‘post-truth’ and identity politics. 16th Migration Summer School: Migration and Mobility in an Era of Contention Introduction. Tutor: Dr Gareth Winrow is an independent analyst and part-time tutor for Oxford University Department for Continuing Education (OUDCE); he was formerly Professor in the Department of International Relations at Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey. EU Tackling Its ‘New Enemies’ – Al Qaeda, ISIS, Home-Grown Terrorism 9.

Global Energy Security & Implications for the EU: Evolving Dynamics, Policy Dilemmas & Prospects 11. ECPR Summer School In association with Central European University, 1st Virtual Methods School 27 July - 14 August About. The program fee includes: 1. This course will address these issues, yet it will also look into past developments summer school european politics 16th of the European project. This course introduces you to the study of the dynamic interaction between the pursuit of wealth and the pursuit of power in the global economy.

Once the tuition fee is received, you will be issued and sent a formal Letter of Enrollment confirming your placement in the program. Arts University Bournemouth. 20), Master’s and PhD students from different disciplinary areas, such as Political and Social Sciences, Communications Studies, Language and Mediation; but also from the Natural Sciences and STEM. D on Social Representations and Communication Research Centre and Multimedia lab. The study of International Political Economy (IPE) examines the interactions between markets and politics, and aims to answer some of these important questions. What role does Rome play in European politics?

The recent mass flight from Syria is a reminder of what happens when war, state collapse, or environmental breakdown engulfs a society. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to study international relations between the EU and United States than Rome, a city that laid the groundwork for much of Western civilization. As a leading Summer School held in the ‘Capital of Europe’, the one-week program aims to immerse the participants into the theory and practice of EU policymaking with a special focus on the ‘EU as a Global Actor’. Unique opportunity to network with other participants. However, such studies are typically in the context of complex sociopolitical issues such as foreign interventionism and terrorism. Through a series of lectures, debates, workshops and study trips to different EU institutions and the NATO Headquarters, the Brussels Summer School for Young Leadersprovides the participants with a policy-maker’s ‘insider’ perspective into how the European Union and its leaders deal with the closely interlinked key contemporary security, economic and political challenges facing the block.

Growing Instability in Europe’s Backyard and the Migration Crisis 6. If you wish to register after the deadline, please send an email to comto check if there are still vacancies. Tutor: Dr Geoff Andrews is european Senior Lecturer in Politics at The Open University. This course will introduce students to the discipline of Global Political Economy (GPE), which allows us to address these and other key questions about the world today. VU Amsterdam Summer School offers interactive small-scale courses at Bachelor and Master level. Transport to and from Brussels and local transportation in Brussels 2.

Join our DRC Summer School and receive up-to-date knowledge about the political, economic and social challenges of the Danube Region! Insurance (students need to sort out their own overseas travel insurance before they leave their home country) Payment method Pay by electronic transfer – bank account details are available HERE. The 16th Migration Summer School will take place between Monday 22 June and Friday 3 July at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy). The Changing Geopolitics of Europe’s Neighborhood – Evaluating ENP’s Successes and Failures 3. Certificate of Participation confirming active and successful completion of the Summer School The program fee does not include: 1. We are the leading scholarly society concerned with the research and teaching of political science in Europe, headquartered in the UK with a global membership. So is it worth investing your time and money in a summer school european politics 16th university this summer? However, Summer School is not only about studies: eventful programme, exploring the Cultural Capital of Russia during the white nights, meeting new friends from all over the world – this is not a complete list of reasons to participate in St.

Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders will provide you with the exceptional opportunity to enhance your global and leadership competence while focusing on various cutting-edge topics in international relations, politics, security and economics with a particular focus on European Union’s policy-making processes in these areas. EU and Russia – New ‘Cold War’ Looming? Bucerius Summer Programs. This course will examine the nature of these changes, as well as explaining the significant elements of continuity – such as the dominance of the Conservative Party in the inter-war years.

With almost 500 million citizens, it has become a major player in global politics. The intensive two-week programme is held one week in Brussels and one week in Vienna from Mon. British politics in this period witnessed great change: the impact of two world wars, the introduction of universal suffrage, the sudden arrival of the Labour Party as a governing force, and the rise (and fall) of trade union militancy. Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. European Law Summer School is an annual international project launched in. European Union’s Relationship with Emerging Powers (BRICS) 10. Meals not listed in the detailed program 4. Packed also with simulation games (to get an insight into EU decision-making processes), study visits to EU institutions and a careers workshop (to learn about a range of employment opp.

His writing ranges across genocide, Jewish history and environmental and peace issues especially focusing on anthropogenic climate change. Central topic in public political debate in Europe. In addition to exploring the key ideas and prominent thinkers of each tradition, it will also look at the impact of ideologies on policy-making, and ask whether some of the more radical ideas have moved from the margins to the mainstream. He has written widely on the history of political ideas and movements, including aspects of British and Italian history and the politics of the 1930s.

The Summer Course on Space Law and Policy: The course is organised each summer by the ECSL with the support of a host university or other institution. Within the next 24 hours you will receive an email from us confirming that your application has been well received, reviewed and processed. The IES summer school is designed for undergraduate students of social sciences, humanities, economics, and law. Light buffet lunches, coffee/tea and snacks during coffee breaks 5.

To what extent do we live in a ‘globalised’ world, and how helpful is the concept of ‘globalisation’ for understanding the contemporary international system? View all Courses in International Relations in Europe. The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 democratic European member states. Winter School theme: Analysing digital rights in summer school european politics 16th today’s EU.

International and multicultural environment. From Monday 1 to Friday 12 February, the Institute for European Studies (VUB) will organise the very first edition of its online Jean Monnet Winter School on EU Policy-Making, in collaboration with its partners the University of Vienna and the Diplomatische Akademie Wien — Vienna School of International Studies and the. Reassessing EU’s Human Rights and Democracy Promotion – Adjusting to Inevitable Realities? EU’s Crisis Management – the Middle East and the Ukrainian Conflict 8. View all Courses in Political Science summer school european politics 16th in Europe. It will also explore the phenomena of guerrilla insurgencies and various military responses to this type of warfare.

Research Science Institute (RSI) The Research Science Institute (RSI) gathers 80 of the world’s most outstanding high school students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in a free, five-week. Brussels Summer School for Young Leaders is designed for high-potential future leaders – university students, young professionals, diplomats and experts in international relations, economics and security – who have the potential, interest and determination to contribute to the debate on what the European Union’s role as an active and responsible global actor should be. Tutor: Dr Mark Levene is Reader in Comparative History at the University of Southampton. His latest work on Irish policing was published b.

Participants must be at least 18 years old. Classes will cover topics like gender narratives, reparation policies, gender politics, gender justice and violence against boys and men. A stunningly beautiful city, Vienna occupies a unique position at the crossroads between east and west, north and south, long making the city a central meeting place for trade and international politics, as well as arts and culture. See full list on conted. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

He is co-founder of Crisis Forum and founder of the Rescue! This school offers 15 summer courses. Following highly successful Easter and Summer Schools in previous years, the Centre for International Macroeconom-ic Studies (CIMS) in the School of Economics, University of Surrey will hold a summer school from 7-12 September. Over the period of one week, the participants will engage in a series of lectures, seminars, workshops and debates addressing the main contemporary issues and geopolitical and security challenges facing the European Union. The programme is aimed at students who wish to gain basic knowledge of Europe and the European Union with a focus on politics, history, and economy. Useful Information.

The summer school offered 16 to 18-year-old participants ten sessions of webinars and networking opportunities delivered in a virtual classroom - creating a fun, interactive careers and learning space at a time of school closures and severe restrictions.

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