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Variously described as tradition, a philosophy, a religion, a humanistic or rationalistic religion, a way of governing, or simply a way of life, Confucianism developed from what was later called the Hundred Schools of Thought from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (551–479 BCE). Confucius and Aristotle both make use of archery metaphors, and, Yu claims, this metaphor can help us properly understand the doctrine of the mean in these two thinkers. Confucius and Aristotle on Friendship: A Comparative Study. Aristotle distinguishes sharply between familial and political rule, while for Confucius the state is modeled on the family; Aristotle discusses and recognizes the legitimacy of a wide range of constitutions, whereas Confucius appears interested only in “the benevolent rule of a sage-king” (59); Aristotle emphasizes the rule of law.

The Ethics of Confucius and Aristotle: Mirrors of Virtue – by Jiyuan Yu. Confucius soughtto preserve the Zhou ritual system, and theorized about how ritual andmusic inculcated social roles, limited desires and transformedcharacter. The idea that virtue ethics is a voyage of personal discovery dovetails nicely with the idea of self-creation, confucian ideas on politics by aristotle so that a capacity such as like yi or.

The archaeological record shows that one legacy of the Zhouperiod into which Confucius was born was a system of sumptuaryregulations that encoded social status. Confucius drew onthese classics and adapted the classical view of moral authority inimportant ways, connecting it to a normative picture ofsociety. Confucianism, also known as Ruism, is a system of thought and behavior originating in ancient China. Confucius and Aristotle on Virtue This essay compares two philosophers of two very different and distinct backgrounds. Basic Concepts in Politics.

Aristotle believed in collecting observations about nature and discerning patterns to ascertain how things worked. “. In the secondpassage in theAnalects, the disciple You Ruo 有若 says a person who behaves withfilial piety to parents and siblings (xiao and di 弟),and who avoids going against superiors, will confucian ideas on politics by aristotle rarely disorder society. The former is referred to as the classical Chinese educational confucian thought,.

(Politics Bk I, §vi) Aristotle&39;s main notion is that the ancient Greek polis or city-state is the natural end of human beings; they start in family groups, progress naturally to forming villages, and finally come together in cities. An emphasis was placed on one’s etiquette, or propriety. Additionally, in Analects, the teachings of Confucius describe the role of the government.

Examines the implications of Aristotle’s political thought for contemporary political theory. · Aristotle was a great Greek philosopher and scientist while Confucius was a Chinese politician, a philosopher and a teacher. If politics is the art or science of government and a politician practices politics, Confucius was a professional politician while none of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle was. 86 BCE) Records of theGrand Historian (Shiji史記), were initiallybased on information from compilations of independently circulatingdialogues and prose accounts.

In Imperial China,Confucius was identified with interpretations of the classics andmoral guidelines for administrators, and therefore also with trainingthe scholar-officials that populated the bureaucracy. ) and AristotleB. In this confucian ideas on politics by aristotle dissertation, I explicate Aristotle&39;s conception of happiness, and I include a comparison of his conception of happiness with Confucius. * Some believe it to be his father&39;s influence that gave Aristotle his interest in anatomy and the structure of living things in general Aristotle&39;s conception of politics is rather different from contemporary ideas in some respects. In contrast, Aristotle drew a sharp distinction between the economic relationships of the family and the political relationships of the state (Schochet, 1975), while Confucius integrated the relationship of family and state. Because Confucian political philosophy is centered on a deeply relational conception of how to live, it qualifies as a perfectionist political philosophy: the confucian ideas on politics by aristotle life of fulfilling relationship is to be promoted for members of political society. this volume is of great value for Aristotle scholars. Early Zhou political philosophy as represented in the Classic ofOdes and the Classic of Documents centered on moraljustification for political authority based on the doctrine of the“Mandate of Heaven” (tianming天命).

Aristotle offers an analysis of different regimes, an ideal constitution, and the best constitution in actuality. At the sametime, he was closely associated with the transmission of the ancientsacrificial system, and he himself received ritual offerings intemples found in all major cities. It relates this correlation to a more general picture of how patternsof good behavior effectively open up the possibility of following theway of the gentleman: “The gentleman works at the roots.

An emphasis was placed on one’s etiquette, or propriety. The Politics Book makes government and confucian ideas on politics by aristotle politics easy to understand by explaining the big ideas simply, using clear language supported by eye-catching graphics. confucian ideas on politics by aristotle In his Analects, Confucius emphasizes the morality of the government and of individuals. See full list on plato. Confucius assimilates political rule into household rule; political government is simply the father–son relationship writ large. Confucianism, a Western term that has no counterpart in Chinese, is a worldview, a social ethic, a political ideology, a scholarly tradition, and a way of life. They both made significant contributions in the world’s virtues and ethics. The Virtue Argument On the reading of early Confucianism presented in the prologue, in which Confucian politics is read through the lens of Confucian ethics,.

Another of these legacies wasancestral sacrifice, a means to demonstrate people’s reverence. · Basic Concepts in Politics. Such acts include: performing virtuous acts, acting with ritual propriety of the Zhou dynasty, living according to the dao or way, and doing what is appropriate. Was confucius a politician? The key events in political history are outlined from the origins of political thinking by Confucius and Aristotle to modern-day activists such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Oncethe roots are established, the way comes to life” (1.

Focusing largely on ideas put forward. This book provides an accessible introduction to the main perspectives and topics being debated today, and shows why Progressive Confucianism is confucian ideas on politics by aristotle a particularly promising approach. · The Politics Book makes government and politics easy to understand by explaining the big ideas simply, using clear language supported by eye-catching graphics. By the Han (202 BCE–220 CE),Confucius was already an authoritative figure in a number of differentcultural domains, and the early commentaries show that reading textsassociated with him about history, ritual, and proper behavior wasimportant to rulers. Only by being a citizen of a polis can a person fully pursue a life of good quality, which is the end goal of human existence. Similarities can be comprehended between the teachings of Confucius and those of Aristotle on virtue and ethics, as they were both concerned with individuals’ moral character and applying moral ethics in political life. The fluidity and diversity of Confucius-related materials in circulation prior to the fixing of the Analects text in the second century BCE, suggest that the Analects itself, with its keen interest in ritual, personal ethics, and politics, may well have been in part a topical selection from a larger and more diverse set of available Confucius. ization of Aristotle certainly seems to be encouraging for a com-parison of the Hellenic and the Chinese sage.

What is Aristotle and Confucius? Yu identifies "two views about what the mean is in both Aristotelian and Confucian ethics: A) The mean lies in the middle of excess and deficiency. Theportrait of Confucius as philosopher is, in part, the product of aseries of modern cross-cultural interactions. bce) Philosopher who studied under Plato but came to different conclusions about nature and politics. This view was that the sage’s virtue(de) attracted the attention of the anthropomorphized cosmicpower usually translated as “Heaven” (tian天), which supported the sage’s rise to politicalauthority. Based onthe aristotle analogy between the way of Confucius and character ethics systemsderiving from confucian ideas on politics by aristotle Aristotle, these patterns of behavior are today oftendescribed using the Latinate term “virtue”. Positing a parallel between the nature of reciprocalresponsibilities of individuals in different roles in two domains ofsocial organization, in the AnalectsConfucius linked filial piety in the family toloyalty in the political realm: This section examines Confuc.

In such works, the description of the attitudes and affect of the performer became the foundation of aritual psychology in which proper performance was key to reformingdesires and beginning to develop moral dispositions. Confucian thought focuses on a virtue ethics that holds that the position of leadership should be reserved for the person of moral excellence, and the failure of government is usually the result of corruption – the leaders fail to practice virtue. Biographical treatments of Confucius, beginning with the“Hereditary House of Confucius” (Kongzi shijia孔子世家), a chapter of Sima Qian’s司馬遷 (c. Aristotle sharply distinguishes the political rule of statesmen from the household rule of fathers.

Virtue in the aspect of emotional control was one of the main themes scrutinised by many Ancient Greek philosophers including Aristotle (384–322 bc). Compare and Contrast the Confucian and Classical Greek (Socrates Plato Aristotle) ideas of virtue and its importance in Ethics and Politics. Because of the wide range of texts and traditions identified with him,choices about which version of Confucius is authoritative have changedover time, reflecting particular political and social priorities.

Confucius’ ideas were spawned as a result of his immersion and presence in the. These canonical texts argued that political success orfailure is a function of moral quality, evidenced by actions such asproper ritual performance, on the part of the ruler. · Aristotle essay politics He characterizes politics as a means to an end, whereas Aristotle feels. Nicholas F. This was the time of the Eastern Zhou period (771 to 221 BCE), particularly during the Spring and Autumn period, which lasted from 770 to 475 BCE. Three responsibilities, or requisites of government, are described with one in particular being with utmost importance.

However, the ideas by Confucius concerning contemplation are closer to present-day psychological ideas than those of. Thus the family forms the root of human relationships, but the city is the flower. Aristotle’s most general ideas about politics, such as it being an extension of ethics, are still often discussed although his more specific ideas were too limited by his cultural origins to carry weight today; for example, he believed that slavery was part of the natural order and that only the affluent and educated should work in government. The Cultural and Political Context of Confucius and the Lun Yu Confucius’ sayings, in so far as it were genuinely his, were apparently produced during his lifetime from about 551 BCE to 479 BCE. With regard to common ground between Confucius and Aristotle, we have seen that ancient virtue ethics can preserve normative morality within a very dynamic personalist and contextualist framework. Confucius placed a lot of value on the traditions of past dynasties.

A confrontation of Aristotle and Confucius is furthermore suggested by Aristotle&39;s own advice to the political speaker (who must be a student of rhetoric and political science) to study the constitutions,. They had in common that. Aristotle essay politics He characterizes politics as a means to an end, whereas Aristotle feels. Confucius was born in the domain of Zou, in modern Shand. confucian ideas on politics by aristotle · Because Confucian political philosophy is centered on a deeply relational conception of how to live, it qualifies as a perfectionist political philosophy: the life of fulfilling relationship is to be promoted for members of political society. Their philosophic works were similar in nature, but with some different aspects, ideas and outlooks on virtue. The Records of Ritual, the Analects, and numerousHan collections portray Confucius as being deeplyconcerned with the proper performance of ritual and music.

Many biographies begin their description of his life with a story ofConfucius at an early age performing rituals, reflecting accounts andstatements that demonstrate his prodigious mastery of ritual andmusic. Overall, this study investigates the similarities and differences of the educational concepts and ideas between the Analects of Confucius and the Ethics and Politics of Aristotle. Confucian political philosophy has recently emerged as a vibrant area of thought both in China and around the globe. What is Confucian political philosophy? What did Confucius think about Plato?

Even so confucian ideas on politics by aristotle they do take different approaches in describing the nature of virtue and how the society can embrace this value. C), were two renowned philosophers, of two very different and distinct backgrounds. Aristotle asserts that all communities aim at some good. GierJournal of Chinese Philosophy 35 (4):692-695. The aim of the Politics, Aristotle says, is to investigate, on the basis of the constitutions collected, what makes for good government and what makes for bad government and to identify the factors favourable or unfavourable to the preservation of a constitution. The wayof the gentleman is a distillation of the exemplary behaviors of theselfless culture heroes of t. Confucian discussion of hegemons, and I show that, contrary to re-ceived wisdom, the Confucians countenance hegemons because of the latter’s ability to maintain political order.

Among these philosophers are, Confucius and Aristotle, who have made significant contributions to the discourse (Mealing, ), ConfuciusB. It is also the strategy for maintaining cooperation among people with different needs and ideals in life, or for resolving the conflict within the group, whether this is a family, a tribe, a village or a nation-state. Confucius’s ideas were developed as a result of his involvement and manifestation in the ancient Chinese culture while Aristotle’s ideas were a result of his absorption and existence in the ancient Greek culture. English language literature that presents early Confucian ethics as a form of virtue ethics, or simply tries to elucidate early Confucian ethical ideas through the lens of Aristotelian philosophy. The polis, or Greek city-state, according to Aristotle, is the highest form of political association. Confucius’ political philosophy is based on the genetically coded primary society while Western political philosophy including Plato’s and Aristotle’s are all based on the man-made secondary society. According to Aristotle, man’s essential sociality implies a distinctive conception of politics, one in which all political associations exist for the sake of the moral perfection of human beings. For example, it is written that ‘to go beyond is as wrong as to fall short’ (過猶不及 guò yóu bù jí) (Confucian Analects, Book 11, Chapter 15, Verse 3).

The contributors engage a broad range of topics, including Aristotle’s views on constitutionalism, the extension of Aristotelian ideas to issues in international relations, the place of Aristotelian virtue in modern democratic politics, and Aristotle’s conception of justice. Aristotle was a great Greek philosopher and scientist while Confucius was a Chinese politician, a philosopher and a teacher. Nevertheless, since Sima Qian’stime, the biography of Confucius has been intimately linked with theinterpretation of his philosophy, and so this section begins with abrief treatment of traditional tropes about his family background,official career, and teaching of 72 disciples, before turning to thedialogue and prose accounts upon which early biographers like SimaQian drew.

Sometimes viewed as a philosophy and sometimes as a religion, Confucianism may be understood as an all-encompassing way of thinking and living that entails ancestor reverence and a profound human-centred religiousness. The Chinese word for state is composed of two characters (国家), which are literally ‘state’ and ‘family. Aristotle concludes that “man is a political animal”: we can only achieve the good life by living as citizens in a state.

Confucius was also a confucian ideas on politics by aristotle teacher who taught people how to prepare themselves for a position in the government at different levels. Aristotle and Confucius have both stressed on the value of virtue within the society, spelling out how it correlates with the political correctness of a regime. Aristotle’s Political Philosophy This presentation provides an overview of Aristotle’s contributions to political theory, offering a summary of his key ideas, with mention of key critiques and contemporary implications of Aristotle’s theories for politics today. Many of the short passages from the Analects, and the“Thicket of Sayings” passages excavated at Guodian,describe the development of set of ideal behaviors associated with themoral ideal of the “way” (dao 道) of the“gentleman” (junzi 君子). Tying particular elements of hisphilosophy to the life experiences of Confucius is a risky andpotentially circular exercise, since many of the details of hisbiography were first recorded in instructive anecdotes linked to theexpression of didactic messages. review the general educational principles and aims of Confucius and Aristotle. In discussing the economic relations that hold within a confucian ideas on politics by aristotle city-state, Aristotle defends the institution of private property, condemns excessive capitalism, and notoriously defends the institution of slavery. Thesis Statement: Aristotle and Confucius were one of the most influential philosophers in the world’s history; known for their practical wisdom and ethical doctrines which served as major guides in various fields of study such as politics, education, law, industry and commerce, science; but more importantly, they thought us on how to properly interact with other people and the society.

The first commentaries to the Analectswe. Definition: politics is the way in which we understand and order our social affairs, and acquire greater control over the situation. While Confucius wrote at a time and place different from those of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, much of his thoughts relate closely with the three Greek thinkers.

Confucian ideas on politics by aristotle

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